I'm Christina, Founder of Orchard Aromatherapy.

Thanks for visiting and taking your first step towards natural beauty.  

I founded Orchard Aromatherapy with a simple intention – to offer personalized, plant-based skincare for authentic health and beauty.  As a certified aromatherapist, I understand the science of plant materials, their amazing healing properties, and how natural ingredients can work synergistically with the human body. 

My passion for clean/green beauty developed when I discovered the ugly truth that many beauty products on the market today contain synthetic and toxic ingredients.  I offer a radically different approach by custom crafting beauty products using natural, wholesome ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible) that are truly reflective of each client's unique skincare needs, aromatic preferences, and beauty goals.

I invite you to consider beauty anew, and join me in embracing a plant-based beauty lifestyle.  

I believe that health is the epitome of beauty, and it all starts with the ingredients we choose to put on and in our bodies.