Our Service

Orchard Aromatherapy offers personalized beauty consultations with our certified aromatherapist for the purpose of designing custom skincare products just for you. Each session includes an informative and interactive experience with essential oils to help unlock your unique aromatic preferences, an exploration of your skincare goals, and an inspiring tutorial on natural ingredients.

After unearthing your individual profile, our aromatherapist returns to the Orchard Aromatherapy beauty center and develops your custom skincare products with the finest natural and organic plant-based ingredients.  Within one week your custom products will be ready and delivered to your door in a Custom Beauty Box with instructions, details about the ingredients, and shelf life notes.


Orchard Aromatherapy takes a radically "fresh" approach to beauty by using only the finest natural and organic ingredients available.  




Custom Beauty Box

Following your Orchard Aromatherapy session,  you will receive five custom skincare products:  

  • facial cleanser
  • facial serum
  • hydrosol (natural toner)
  • moisturizer
  • organic lip balm


First Session: $399 Includes one-hour beauty consultation with our certified aromatherapist and the development of an entire line of custom made natural beauty products.   


We offer appointments in Union Square (Manhattan) and Williamsburg (Brooklyn).  

Let us come to you!  NYC office, home, and hotel appointments are available for an additional $45.

Coming Soon:  Hamptons, NY and Miami, Florida