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Beauty Bar by Orchard Aromatherapy is an exclusive natural beauty blending experience for private events.  We create a luxury, eco-friendly, and engaging activity that transforms gatherings into memorable aromatic explorations.

How it works:  

The Beauty Bar is set up at a location convenient for guests to visit and enjoy during your event.  Each guest will be greeted by our certified aromatherapist and beauty blending team, then guided through an aromatic journey with essential oils where each person is invited to select scents that resonate with them.  Once their "aromatic palette" is curated, guests choose a beauty item from the menu.  We then formulate their product, customizing it with their unique essential oil selections. Each step of the way our beauty team shares knowledge about the ingredients and answers questions as guests indulge in plant-based aromas and watch their product come to life.  When complete, they have a beautiful and memorable custom gift to take home.

Getting started:  

Orchard Aromatherapy loves bringing natural beauty to special events.  We work closely with clients and event planners to ensure their Beauty Bar matches their vision through menu choices, set up, and packaging.

We offer selections for both men and women.  Popular items include beard/pre-shave oils, organic facial serums, body scrubs, moisturizers, cleansers, roll-ons, aromatic inhallers, and dozens more.  

Reach out

Our team is based in New York and Miami, and our beauty Bar is available for bookings across the U.S.  If you wish to learn more, or request an in-person aromatic demonstration, please reach out.  We would love to hear from you. / 917-207-4686

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